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JR A Tryouts

by Guest » Sun Jun 23, 2019 8:14 pm

Guest wrote:
Guest wrote:
Guest wrote:The issue with milton is not just the GM. It’s the coach, owner, silent owners other staff.
Team will have 5 possible 6 kids on the team!

Sorry. Not wrong.
Read my post again my friend.. My agent neighbour kid was signed. We know who they passed on. Their focus is to build a base of kids who were lower tier, with size (ie intimidating/menace) and some connection to being drafted and/or the ownership.
They stunk this weekend in a weak division average only 2 goals a game and the “sons” didn’t play. The who plan is to make ddm kid and others look better. Same thing he did with Nats!! Coach has a kid on team too. Next season the voice/media face owner kid is on the team too, plus the silent owners have kids on team too. Really? ,,,that will make 5/6 nepotism picks.

Hi there!

Jason from the Milton Menace here - hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Rumours and assumptions can carry pretty far, so when I was pointed to your post, I thought it beneficial to pop in and clear the air.

We enjoyed TEP this weekend - It’s a great chance to interact and showcase players who are looking to play Junior A next season - roughly 1/2 our rostered squad was on the ice and was a successful weekend for those who were asked to be there in a number of regards.

We don’t have 5 or 6 owners, or kids.

No coach has a child currently rostered on our team.

You are correct, I do have a son playing this game of hockey we all love! He's currently in grade 7.

If your agent/advisor (or anyone else is inclined) please absolutely feel free to email me anytime ( and I will happily provide transparency and accuracy related to our program.

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for the airtime!

Jason Tryfon
Milton Menace

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NHL Draft

by Guest » Sun Jun 23, 2019 10:46 am

We are clearly not doing enough spring hockey tournaments.

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JR A Tryouts

by Guest » Sun Jun 23, 2019 9:31 pm

Now that’s an owner! :o

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by Guest » Sun Jun 23, 2019 6:48 pm

There is a big difference here from teams from the west , Midwest and US teams vs the PH Ontario based team. Every where else is based on the players skill making up a team, and not based on daddy’s financial status. Remember the Ontario model is solely based on the monetary model, it’s a business. If Ontario actually iced the best kids in the whole province then it would give great insight as to how everyone stack ranks against others. Just look at the 03’s at the Canada games last winter. Daddies couldn’t buy there way onto the team. If showcasing your son in spring tournaments is what is important to you then great. But you will find now that it’s going to be based on all the other factors that make up real hockey players. Good luck heading down that path to the daddy’s who think a payoff can solve it all.

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2008 GTHL AA West

by Guest » Mon Jun 24, 2019 2:08 pm

Guest wrote:
Guest wrote:
Guest wrote:DD VR MB .....

Who cares?

It’s June 23rd.

And your kids aren’t going to the NHL. I’m sorry.

Go to the beach. Camping? Teach them to play an instrument. Read a book??

Whats your excuse pal. your here just like the rest of us.

I’m reading and writing here while I take a break from teaching my son to play the piano. If you’re not a top 10 AAA player in the G by now after all those extras and games then don’t waist your time and money.

Is your son a top ten pianist in the G by now? Why teach the piano if he will not be one of the best professional pianist in the world? Are you wasting your time and money? Should a kid not love reading and play the piano if they wont go pro? Are kids not allowed to play the piano in the "piano off season"? Of course because hockey is physical, load management is important - same with any physical movement.

My son loves hockey, learns determination, goal setting, teamwork, creativity, leadership, how to support others, resiliency over adversity and will not be playing pro nor OHL, and of course exercise / nutrition. Hockey has been a great decision. Being June 23 is irrelevant. We have plenty of time for reading, camping, and playing the piano. The kids likes to stay active.

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2010 GTHL AA East

by Guest » Sun Jun 23, 2019 6:59 pm

Guest wrote:
Guest wrote:????? i have seen TRT play in CCT tourneys, and they could finidh top 3. WH & HC will be luckiy to win two games???? Confused with the comparsion

If you’re confused then you’ve never seen TRT play in “CCT Tournaments” or anything else. If you’ve seen them play then there is no confusion as they are bottom three with WH and HC.

No. They have a good little team. Should finish mid pack. That’s a deal for $10 large.

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by Guest » Mon Jun 24, 2019 11:12 am

Guest wrote:
Guest wrote:
Guest wrote:09 team beat the 08 super team ?

When and where was this?

World cup on Montreal
09 Quebec beat 08 Bulldogs
DC what's up?

Get out of here. Your telling me that the great 08 Bulldog allstar exceptional status team have all been beaten by grade 4s from QC?

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2010 GTHL AA East

by Guest » Sun Jun 23, 2019 9:11 am

Guest wrote:????? i have seen TRT play in CCT tourneys, and they could finidh top 3. WH & HC will be luckiy to win two games???? Confused with the comparsion

Has anyone even seen either of these teams play or is this just someone slinging mud so everyone looks elsewhere while they steal your money from under your nose?

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by Guest » Mon Jun 24, 2019 11:57 am

Guest wrote:VK was the better team. Just had some unlucky bounces and awful refs.

Must have been a lot of “ bad bounces”
Vk lost by 4 goals and u were better ?

One bad bounce changed the game.[/quote]

the same bounce happened to hit the net 4 times.. :roll:[/quote]

That's the problem when you commit to a starting goalie that's afraid of the puck. Going to be a long season for VK with sub par goaltending[/quote]

6/2 loss is more then a couple bad bounces to many parents coaching there kids in the car and not allowing MS who is a great coach to do his job one kid runner big up and down the ice won't cut it dad let him learn the game.[/quote]

Typical of that parent group to point fingers goalie is one player on the ice what happened to the other 5 maybe he should have been scoring to[/quote]

Maybe he should just focus on stopping the puck. That would be a good start. Rumor has it VK is grooming a goalie to step in if needed.[/quote]

Hopefully there grooming some D and a natural goal scorer as well need more the goal tending