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These rules shall be adhered to by everyone posting on Minor Hockey Talk to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors. Please also read our "Terms of Use" section for more detailed information, you are bound by all these rules, terms and conditions when using this site.

1. Do not identify persons in your posts. First names and/or last names are not acceptable, nor is any other information that serves to identify a person to those not directly involved in the subject of the posting. Use initials as long as they are used without further qualification. For example, "RL, head coach of the Titans is a great head coach" is not acceptable. "RL is great" is acceptable. Everyone involved in your topic can be expected to understand without further qualification.

2. Opinions are fine but deliberately being mean is unacceptable.

3. Leave the kids out of any post unless it is positive.

4. Be prepared to stand behind your posts. All posts are the responsibility of the poster and if it comes down to it you must be prepared to defend your comments. Your post and all details regarding your post will be available once submitted.

5. A request that an existing post be changed or deleted can be made when viewing the post. Simply click the exclamation mark (!) in the post and report the post. Be specific in your request.

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